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renku datasets and initial notebooks

Aaron Spring requested to merge AS_initial into master
  • git lfs track nc and zarr

  • add renku datasets notebook

  • add renku datasets:

    • hindcast-like-observations_2000-2019_biweekly_deterministic
    • forecast-like-observations_2020_biweekly_deterministic
    • hindcast-like-observations_2000-2019_biweekly_tercile-edges
    • hindcast-like-observations_2000-2019_biweekly_terciled
    • forecast-like-observations_2020_biweekly_terciled
    • ecmwf_forecast-input_2020_biweekly_deterministic
    • ecmwf_hindcast-input_2000-2019_biweekly_deterministic
  • add verification notebook

  • add ML notebook based on weatherbench

  • link submission file to website

  • add reproducibility section below in training

  • how to deal with this dry mask? provide as renku dataset? now implicitly masked in categorized observations obs_p

  • benchmark working on renku: wait for climetlab release: week 5-6, tp and 2000-2019 dont wait

  • dont commit nc and zarr, only with git lfs

  • dont commit figures

  • create nc for files <100MB, zarr if >100MB?

  • justify if training takes more than a week

  • show RPS for all years

  • test & dry run

  • create one renku dataset with all files: s2s-ai-challenge

  • add mean bias reduction dataset

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